Windows Security Updates for October, 2021

The Microsoft October 2021 security updates have been released and consist of 71 CVEs:
 2 are rated Critical
 68 are rated Important
 1 is Low in severity.  

Note that the update includes the first “Update Tuesday” update for Windows 11.

More information on today’s updates can be found here:

In addition, details are here (also includes a link to Adobe Update information):


Windows 11: It’s All About Security, Folks

When it comes to Windows 11, Security is the name of the game. If Windows users care about that we’ll abide by Microsoft’s requirements for Windows 11 and not attempt to bypass them at the risk of slowing down our devices and their becoming less safe. Trying to circumvent those requirements would be like trying to take a Model T Ford out on one of our busy highways. First of all, its top speed would be 40–45 mph (64–72 km/h) and second, those vehicles were not built with seat harnesses, airbags, and brakes that would sufficiently stop a vehicle moving that fast.


To Be Specific:

As discussed over at Lenovo’s Windows 11 Board, there is a reason why a TPM 2.0 is needed for Windows 11 Compatibility. 

Regarding the processor requirement that has disappointed a few folks, upgrading to Windows 11 on a processor that is not supported, most likely will result in a computer’s performing slower than it did on Windows 10. Would you not want to be aware of that before installing a new operating system? During testing, users of Secured-Core PCs running Windows 10 with older processors reported major performance issues by enabling aspects of the Secured-Core PC on those older computers. Microsoft simply wants to move toward better-secured PC’s with the performance that we enjoyed in Windows 10. We can’t blame them for that – unless we don’t care about our security. 

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Windows 11 Is Here!

Windows 11 is rolling out and is available on NEW PC’s. 

The free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is scheduled to be phased and measured with a focus on quality. By doing this Microsoft makes sure of hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, age of device and other factors that impact the upgrade experience. It is expected that eligible devices will be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.

Windows 11 is packed with innovation. The new operating system features a new user interface (UI) design that has been built for simplicity and ease of use.

Users will find new built-in features:

* Windows Store has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has a new fluid UI and a change in some of the policies that determine what type of apps are permitted into the storefront.

* Microsoft Teams is built into Windows 11.

* Windows 11 will be compatible with many Android Apps

Xbox app will also be built into Windows 11. Game Pass subscribers will be able to download from a catalog of games that the service offers, and will be able to stream titles using Xbox cloud gaming. Cross-play between consoles and PCs will also be available.

 * Digital pen allows for creative and personal touches. This assists users in writing and drawing naturally in order to annotate a PDF, website, image, and more.

Voice typing makes the keyboard optional, allowing work to be transcribed into text easily. 

* Intuitive touch gestures enable fluid workflows. No mouse is necessary. The use of multi-finger gestures will enable quicker navigation.  

Feature Updates will arrive only once a year, as opposed to twice a year for Windows 10.

For more information on these features and others see:

According to Lenovo Support:

* Windows 11 runs all the same apps as Windows 10

* The default browser is Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not available anymore

* if you have purchased a system with Windows 11 Pro, you can downgrade Windows 11 Pro to Windows 10 Pro (Windows 11 Home is not eligible for such a downgrade)

*If you have purchased a new system which comes with Windows 11 preloaded, for the first time setup, its necessary to have an active internet connection. Also keep in mind that the system will require you to download the latest Windows 11 updates before the initial setup is finished.

*Gaming performance in Windows 11 is about the same as in Windows 10, however, you might see a slight performance drop when it comes to games with older engines due to how the GPU feeds information to the CPU on the new Windows 11 operating system. One of the examples is the popular FPS game CS:GO

– Lenovo Windows 11 Support Center: 

Windows Update will provide an indication if and when a PC is eligible for the upgrade. Users can check their PC’s eligibility by going to Settings/Windows Update.

* After upgrading if you may need to check you system’s drivers and downloads page at Lenovo Support to be sure you have the latest drivers. 

You can also use the updated PC Health Check app to see if your PC can run Windows 11.
For more information please see:


Lenovo Windows 11 Support Center: 

Lenovo’s Knowledge Base and Guides: Windows 11 – Lenovo Support US

Check your OEM to see if your device is supported by them.  Here is Lenovo’s List of Supported Devices: If your device is not listed check back later to see if there have been updates.