A Comparison: Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro and Yoga 900

by Colin J
Junior Tech Reporter



My name is Colin. I am in Third Grade. This is my first written technology review.  I received a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro for Christmas 2015.  I borrowed a Yoga 900 so that today for my review I can compare my Yoga 3 Pro with the Yoga 900.

900 ModesPhoto courtesy of Lenovo

Both Yogas in this review have Laptop Mode, Stand Mode, Tablet Mode, and Tent Mode.

Photo courtesy of Lenovo

The Yoga 900 is slightly smaller than my Yoga 3 Pro. Both are very thin.
The 900’s width dimension is 12.75″ and the Pro 3 is 13″ wide.

900colorsPhoto courtesy of Lenovo

My Yoga 3 Pro is orange. The 900’s colors are orange, gold, or silver.

The screen display on the 900 is sharp so everything on it looks like the real thing. It seems about the same as the Yoga 3 Pro.

Photo courtesy of Lenovo

The touchpad on the 900 has a reflective edge design around it. Keys are flat with some curve. The backlit keyboard on the 900 is not as bright as on my Yoga 3 Pro.

Photo courtesy of Lenovo

The watchband hinge on the 900 comes in the color of the Yoga that you order, but the Yoga 3 Pro’s hinge is always silver.
Hinge demoWMR

The Yoga 3 Pro seems a little bit faster and more powerful
[Editor’s Note: depending on the processor ordered and other variables]. Both models have SD card readers.

The 900 has a longer lasting battery than the Yoga 3 Pro.


I am enjoying my Yoga 3 Pro, but I REALLY  like the Yoga 900 in silver and gold.
The Yoga 3 Pro is no longer for sale at Lenovo’s Shopping Page. You can see the 900 at Lenovo or at your local Best Buy.