Windows 11: It’s All About Security, Folks

When it comes to Windows 11, Security is the name of the game. If Windows users care about that we’ll abide by Microsoft’s requirements for Windows 11 and not attempt to bypass them at the risk of slowing down our devices and their becoming less safe. Trying to circumvent those requirements would be like trying to take a Model T Ford out on one of our busy highways. First of all, its top speed would be 40–45 mph (64–72 km/h) and second, those vehicles were not built with seat harnesses, airbags, and brakes that would sufficiently stop a vehicle moving that fast.


To Be Specific:

As discussed over at Lenovo’s Windows 11 Board, there is a reason why a TPM 2.0 is needed for Windows 11 Compatibility. 

Regarding the processor requirement that has disappointed a few folks, upgrading to Windows 11 on a processor that is not supported, most likely will result in a computer’s performing slower than it did on Windows 10. Would you not want to be aware of that before installing a new operating system? During testing, users of Secured-Core PCs running Windows 10 with older processors reported major performance issues by enabling aspects of the Secured-Core PC on those older computers. Microsoft simply wants to move toward better-secured PC’s with the performance that we enjoyed in Windows 10. We can’t blame them for that – unless we don’t care about our security. 

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