Gen 1 Helix – Still Alive and Well

The ThinkPad Helix is 9 years old. I received the Helix from the LenovoINsider’s Program in 2013. When Lenovo sent me a newer product to review, Helix was donated to another user who did not own a computer. I have received no compensation for my reviews, other than the enjoyment of taking ThinkPads through their paces and recording my experiences with the hardware and versions of Windows over the years.

One of the wonderful things about ThinkPads is that we can pass them down to multiple users. Today Helix is servicing its third owner who is using it as a component of his ham radio studio. Other than my upgrading it from Windows 8 to the most recent version of Windows 10 there have been no other changes, except for an occasional new app or two in order to keep up with security and Windows over the years.

The nine-year-old Helix won’t qualify for a Windows 11 upgrade. However, when Windows 10 reaches end of support in 2025, Helix can proudly look for some offline projects. I wouldn’t say that ThinkPads never die, but they certainly hang around long enough to handle whatever jobs that they are given. 


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